Zaal G2 Heavy Duty Blue Degreaser 4x4L


Technical Specifications:
Appearance Thin Liquid
Color Blue
Fragrance None
pH 13.0-14.0
Specific gravity 1.03

4 x 4 liter FF- ZA-G2-077
Tie high 11 x 5
Skid 55 cases
Case weight 17.4 KG
Case dimensions
L 33.2 W 28.8 D 27.5 cm
Upc 625013 10077
Health: 2
Flammability: 0
Reactivity: 1
0= Insignificant
1= Slight
2= Moderate
4= High

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Zaal’s G2 Blue Degreaser formula is a heavy-duty effective alkaline cleaning solution that contains water softeners and
biodegradable surfactants to cut through dirt and grease. It is a non-abrasive heavy-duty multi-purpose cleaner safe to
use on a variety of surfaces.

Light Cleaning: Use 1 part: 20 parts water
Heavy Cleaning: Use 1 part: 10 parts water
Degreasing: Use 1 part: 5 parts water
Heavy-Duty Degreasing: Use 1 part: 3 parts water
Foamier Wand Machine Cleaning: Use 1 part: 100 parts water

Packed in a Semi-transparent container

The data presented herein is based on experiments and information believed reliable from
suppliers. However, we can make no guarantee on the performance of, or results obtained
through the use of the product described due to varying conditions in laboratories and


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