NatureBag® Whistler – Takeout Kraft Paper Bag with Twisted Handle – 150 PCS/PACK



Product Code: 70104
SCC Code: 06282950007542
Carton Quantity: 150 pcs
Pack Size: 150 pcs x 1 pack
Carton Size: Length: 21.06″ x Width: 14.17″ x Height: 11.02″
Carton Size: Length: 53.5 cm x Width: 36 cm x Height: 28 cm
Case Cube(ft3 / m3): 2.1 / 0.05
Gross Weight: 14kg
Net Weight: 13.5kg
Ti x Hi: 6 x 7
Product Base Size: 13.39″ x 9.25″
Height: 15.94″
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NatureBag Takeout Kraft Paper bags are made from 100% recycled cardboard produced from chemical pulp and composed of biodegradable, unbleached materials, unlike the alternative plastic grocery bags. When used gently, your Kraft paper bags can even be reusable. Our Kraft paper is made to be highly elastic and tear-resistant, making it perfect for products that demand strong, functional, and durable bags. These retail shopping bags are also reinforced with twine carrying handles. Consider these bags a blank canvas for your creativity as we do offer custom print options on them.


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